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Quantum Healing

Sacred Temple of Oneness​​


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Meet Xiaoke/Marcia

Shine Bright as You Are

Sacred Temple of Oneness represents the divine healing space held between the healer and client. Xiaoke/Marcia uses different healing modalities such as illuminated quantum healing hypnosis technique, introspective hypnosis, past life therapy, yoga, toning, and frequencies to facilitate the learning and self-expansion of oneself. She is a writer, energy healer, divine yoga teacher, and spirit ambassador.

小科/Marcia 利用不同的疗愈方法,例如IQH版本的量子催眠、内省催眠、前世疗法、瑜伽、光的语言(不同高频率的声音)来辅助客户的意识扩张与疗愈。她是一个作家、能量疗愈师、瑜伽老师和灵性能量大使。

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Alina Huang, Toronto, Canada: "An Amazing Experience!"

I felt so healed and refreshed after I did this session with Marcia. She enlightened me to some scenes where I was or I desired. I got in trance deeper and deeper with her tender and supportive voice, then I felt that I could not move my legs and arms. In some scenes I could talk to my beloved ones and I also saw Marcia together with me in other scenes. It is so amazing and unbelievable that I could hear the conversation between Marcia and another me. It seems that the voice came from my mouth but not from my mind under consciousness. When I was awaken up, I am not quite sure about what I said or what happened. Memories got blur and Marcia helped me to recall.  It was extremely pleasant when I talked to Marcia and she's very considerate and approachable. This experience really healed me a lot and I look forward to next one!

这是我人生中第一次体验线上催眠,非常愉快也非常神奇。在我与Marcia 聊天的过程中,我感到非常释放和解压。Marcia的声音温柔又平易近人,她像一个大自然中的聆听者,耐心又安静地听你讲述自己的故事,困惑,迷惘,期待或感伤。在催眠之前的场景练习中,我跟随着她的声音去了一些记忆中的场景,也去了一些记忆中从来没有过的场景,接着感觉自己得身体像躺在地上得麻袋,她的声音也逐渐清晰,周围只有我自己,有时也会有Marcia, 以及我去的场景。非常神奇的是,我能清晰的听到Marcia与另一个我自己的对话,但也好像不是我说出来的。在她的倒数中,我醒了过来,感到刚发生的一切从清晰到模糊。最后Marcia总结了她与另一个我的对话,我从中颇受启发。感谢Marcia,给了我这次很棒的体验。

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