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Illuminated Quantum Healing (IQH)

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Illuminated Quantum Healing is a method for personal transformation, holistic healing, and consciousness development. As an IQH practitioner, I guide clients through a multi-stage process to identify root causes of limiting beliefs and illness, reconcile stored trauma, and gain valuable insight to catalyze positive evolution in all areas of one’s life. 

IQH is an alchemical method of transformation and awakening that incorporates energy healing, meditative practices, and hypnosis skills to activate instantaneous multidimensional healing through a client's connection to their Higher Self. 

IQH can be done remotely through Zoom or in-person. I offer IQH sessions in both Mandarin, Chinese and in English. 

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IQH process

Each IQH journey takes around 4-6 hours, depending on the client, please leave abundant time. I suggest you save a day for this and try not to schedule appointments right after the session. 

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1. The Interview

The interview takes around 2 hours. We would start with a guided meditation. Then I would like to understand you better in order to assist you through your healing during IQH. Aspects of our interview include physical health, mental health, relationship with family and loved ones, intimate relationships, past traumatic experiences, etc. The interview may end with an inspired vision practice to create your ideal life through visions; this is an optional meditation depending on the clients' needs. 

2. Hypnotic practice

These are a series of guided meditative and visualization practices to help you relax and get a sense of IQH journeying. Practices can take around 30 to 45 mins. 

3. Hypnosis

As you get more relaxed and deeper into the hypnotic state, we would start the hypnosis journey, which often takes at least 1.5 to 2 hours. You may journey to an earlier time in this life or scenes in past lives, those are what you need to experience at that specific moment in life. Then I assist you to connect with your higher self, star/soul family, or spiritual guides to help you rise into a higher state of consciousness and understanding about events happening in your current life.

4. Integration chat

After your hypnotic journey, I would wake you up safely to have an integration chat, it could be anything you'd like to share with me, including important things we learned together during your session. This chat takes around 15-30 mins.

IQH Benefits

Each client will receive what is the most appropriate for them to know or learn at that specific time. Below are aspects that are possible to experience in an IQH session.

  • Receive healing and/or activations at different levels that can continue days or months after the session is done until it's complete. 

  • Remember past lives or life between lives to assist in healing or expansion for your current learning experience.

  • Release what does not serve you anymore, such as unwanted energy, emotions, entity attachments, oaths, implants, energy cords, etc. 

  • Receive guidance on your questions

  • Tune into a higher level of consciousness that helps you remember who you truly are. 

  • Establish a deeper connection with your higher self, star family, family of light, galactic family, loved ones, spiritual guides, etc.

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What to prepare for an IQH session

Illuminated Quantum Healing-English: FAQ

Save sufficient time for your journey​

​This would help you feel more relaxed during your hypnosis journey and also leave you time to integrate the information and energy received through your session. We never know what may come up through a session, so it's also good to save time in case more healing would like to be addressed that day. If you are having a session with me for the first time, I suggest you save 6 hours. If it's your second or third or forth etc time with me, I suggest that you save at least 4 hours. 

List of Questions

When you are planning to have a quantum healing hypnosis session, you can start to think about questions you have in your life. Common areas of questions include health Issues, including ones that you have accepted as hereditary or "for life.", life purpose and path, relationship, career/employment,  guidance on life decisions, self-defeating, self-sabotage patterns, dream explanations, connection with higher realms/Higher Self/Guides/Star Family, closure with loved ones who have passed on, strange events, time missing, phobias or fears, ascension and New Earth questions for personal and collective. Make sure that you ask questions relating to yourself not others, also try not to ask questions relating to future, because future is changing. Not every question on your list may get an answer, it depends on whether you'd be ready for an answer at the time of your healing session.

Video platform, Stable internet, camera from a computer or laptop, and a wired headset 

Our hypnosis session would be conducted via Zoom platform. If you have not used it before, you can simply click the link that I provide you after a successful appointment to join with meeting ID and password, or you can download an app via their website: 

These technological aspects ensure the smooth journey of our time together. Having a camera from an electrical device would allow me to see you as we journey, to guide you to feel comfortable and relaxed. For the best audio experience, it'd be the best to use a wired headset with a microphone that can go to your mouth and test your mic and camera before we meet.

Quiet space

Make sure you have a quiet space to enjoy the IQH journey that's not disturbed by humans or pets.

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After an IQH session: what's next?

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During the session, only the hypnosis journey would be recorded using Zoom, which I will record on my end. The interview, hypnotic practice or the integration chat will not be recorded. You would be provided with a link to download your recordings within a week, either through WeTransfer (link valid in 7 days) or a secured Google Drive space (content kept for at lease 30 days).

Permission and Consent

For both parties, permissions and consent need to be in place before uploading any video or audio clips of the session on any social media platforms.


It is important to go back to your recordings and listen to it again to help fully integrate the messages you received during the session. Continuous healing and transformation can happen days or even months after an IQH journey. Allowing yourself sufficient time and space to rest and to integrate can be as important as the journey itself.

Knowledge Translation

Wisdom gleaned from IQH sessions can be used to help others by sharing helpful information on my blogs, social media platforms, IQH summary videos, or future books. I take all precautions to do so respecting the anonymity and privacy of my clients. In these type of sharing, unless permission acquired, no client name or any confidential information related to a client will be mentioned. 

As a practitioner, I truly believe that it is important to share these knowledge and wisdom to help raise the awareness and assist more people with their awakening and healing. However, if you have any concerns over translating wisdom and knowledge from your session in completely anonymous ways, please don't hesitate to let me know. All choices are respected without any judgements in this space. :)

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Common Questions

Illuminated Quantum Healing-English: FAQ

I have never been hypnotized, can I be hypnotized?

The short answer is that it is up to you.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and a hypnotic state is very common in our daily life. We spend at least 4 hours during your dream time (or rapid eye movement sleep) in a deep hypnotic state. When you are daydreaming, driving, or very focused on a task such as working, watching a movie or drama or listening to music, you are allowing yourself into a hypnotic state when you often can't hear or sense what's going on in the outside world.  

Whether a client can be hypnotized is depended on each client. As a quantum energy healer using hypnosis techniques, my role is to hold a safe and healing space and to facilitate and guide you through your journey, the whole process it's like a big meditative journey, where you'll feel very relaxed, safe, and comfortable; however, you always have control and it's up to you to choose whether to relax your conscious mind and follow along.

Don't worry, you would have plenty of time to practice before the journey. I would always make sure to answer any other questions or confusions you may have during the interview to make you feel safe and relaxed. There have also been cases of negative entity attachments that did not allow a client to feel that they were able to fully relax. If you are not familiar with the phenomena of entity attachment, you can consider it as a foreign energy that's not yours but often affect your energy field. If that's the case, we can safely clear those energies out either before or during the journey. I would be guided to do what feel the best for your session.  

Is hypnosis safe?

​Quantum healing through IQH is absolutely safe. Everything is done with permission from you, your higher self, or spiritual guides. You always have control and know what's going on. 

Can I connect with my higher self?

We are always connected with our higher self, the divine source, it's a connection that's been with us since we are born. However, we also have our ego, which represents the programmed us on the earth with our own personality, belief systems, traumas etc. Oftentimes, our ego's voice is louder than the voice from our higher self, and with all the distractions we experienced, we may feel lost, confused, or disconnected. Through our IQH journey, I assist you to increase/expand/elevate the voice/guidance from your higher self to receive love and healing.

Experiencing your higher self does not need to happen when you are in deep trance state, although many clients do go to a deeper state when they experience higher self. Some clients were able to receive information or guidance from the higher self with an active conscious mind. All you need is an open mind, willing to relax, setting a clear intention to connect, and allowing yourself to receive.  

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Current Booking Instructions
for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Journeys

Illuminated Quantum Healing-English: FAQ

How do I book a session with you?

Thank you for your interest in booking a session with me. I have been traveling since August 2022, visiting different places in different time zones, if you would like to book a service with me, please drop me a message on my contact page to inquire on my availability. Please do not directly book any service under Book My Service page, as that has not been updated and is not accurate due to frequent time zone change and having clients book with me through other platforms. Sorry about any inconvenience. Look forward to hearing from you!

Can we talk before our session?

Yes, I offer a 15-min free consultation session for those who wish to ask questions related to my IQH service. Note that this is a very brief chat to help you see me via Zoom and get any clarifications about your questions. 

If you wish to chat with me for longer period of time, I also offer 1-hour paid spiritual consultation session, where we can chat for longer periods of time on a wide range of topics. Again, you can book this service by dropping me a message on my contact page. 

If I would like to book an introspective hypnosis session with you, do I need to do it separately?

The short answer is no. All my quantum hypnosis journeys include techniques from IQH and introspective hypnosis that goes to the origins of your soul's symptoms to facilitate healing. In your quantum journey with me, I would best utilize all techniques that I know to assist you in best ways possible.

Book Your IQH Journey

Ground, Heal, Transform, Inspire, Create

Currently, all IQH sessions are offered remotely through Zoom.

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Other FAQs

Illuminated Quantum Healing-English: FAQ

Can I reschedule a session?

Yes, sessions may be rescheduled up to 72 hours before the session at the convenience of Xiaoke/Marcia’s availability.

Would there be a refund if I missed a session?

In case of absenteeism on your part, the session will be cancelled and considered a donation. Thank you for understanding.

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