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IQH Messages: cycle breaker 量子疗愈催眠信息: 打破常规者

Recently, the universe has been really keen on letting me know about my mission here on earth as a cycle breaker. This all began last December. When I did my first IQH session facilitated by Ron Amit, the words 'she is here to break it' came out of my mouth under hypnosis when I talked about some patterns observed in my parents. This May, I facilitated an IQH session with my client, where she channeled messages for me from Goddess Kali Ma, one of her spiritual guides, to bring forth detailed messages of me being a cycle breaker.

For those who are not familiar with Goddess Kali Ma. This video from True Brilliance's YouTube channel may help provide some background on Kali.

One comment from this video summarized the feminine archetype that Kali represents pretty well.

I am sharing a transcribed text from Kali's messages from my client's IQH session. You can also watch the video clip here if you prefer to listen to the content shared below:

M: refers to me. C: refers to my client.

M: Is there any message for me from Kali that like to be delivered now?

C: “You have done an amazing job burning away what is not true. Kali was the one who shows us what is false layers that other people, like blankets, I see you, with all these people, like laying all these blankets over the top of you. Some of them were your ancestors, the way of expectation, what it means to be proud, honourable, productive, valuable, like a perfect specimen. There is an expectation that has been placed upon you and that you carry. I just see all of these layers like you are being smothered underneath it, like I see you just struggling, like ponding on it, just trying to get out, there are so many blankets, like rugs, just these like heavy......see all these hands just placing all these layers after layers. Some of its you, aspect of you doing it to yourself. Then I see this aspect of you standing at your feet looking at yourself with this wicked grin, she just lit a match and throw it right at the top. But only the blankets and things on top burnt away, underneath you’re like a diamond, like so bright, just so bright, so, just like, illuminated. And you look so different, you’re not who you used to be, and you know that.”

M: “Yes”

C: “And even when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can see that diamond inside. She is very proud of you. Very proud of you. You burnt away so much untruth. She (Kali) says ‘that’s all I want to do for you. I just want to show you what’s true. And if you can let go, if you can lay it down, surrender it, she said she will help you. That fire you feel inside of you is real and is true, it’s yours anytime you want it, she just reaching her hand out to you, she (Kali) said take my hand.”

M: ‘I feel her presence’.

C: “She (Kali) just like ‘let’s burn it all to the ground, all of it. We will just walk away bright like a diamond; nothing can touch us. We are in this world; we are not of this world. She says you are doing it; you are so doing it. But don’t Let those doubts creep back in. when you feel that they are, give yourself the visualization that is a blanket. Just grab the edge of the blanket and fling it off from you.

You are your own person. You are born into a lineage of family, a heritage, an ancestry that has carried a long tradition of traumatic expectations, without regard to the calling of your own heart and soul. You choose this particular ancestry, this particular heritage to break the cycle. You are a cycle breaker. You are spook on a wheel that grinds all off the past to ash so that it is too can be free and blown away.

But it is very difficult, and you knew you weren’t going to be understood, you knew that it’s going to be very lonely. You are placing yourself inside of a paradigm that has been molded very tight, very small, very constricted. You knew you are going to have to steal yourself against the pressures, and you almost convinced yourself that you could do it, but your spirit, that part of you that is infinitely connected to your true self wouldn’t let it rest.

You just, it was going to make your life miserable until you stop whatever you were doing that’s against your true nature. Hmm that’s not true, I hear that what you’re doing is congruent with your nature but the outcome that you are striving for was so rooted in 3D concepts of success, abundance, honor......, and obedience comes to mind, but it was like a same kind but the wrong side of the coin, now you have flipped the coin. And everything you did up to this point, is instrumental to your path forward. But you have learned a better way of integrating the knowledge you gained to support your highest timeline trajectory.”

One month later after this session, with the ellipses energy and calling in Kali to work with me, I have managed to shred more and more layers off from me. One day I opened facebook and saw this powerful message suggested on my front page.

I am amazed by how the universe works to bring forth healing and support for each one of us, saying 'Yes, you're doing it, I am so proud of you. Let's keep going and get all of them out...". Whether you identify yourself as a cycle breaker or not, we are constantly evolving, breaking cycles of the old and rebirthing the new. Inspired by this session, I have created a guided meditation on letting go and rebirthing the new you.

If you can't open the link above, try this one:

Happy Rebirthing and Celebrating the NEW You!


Xiaoke (Marcia)

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