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Welcome to the Sacred Temple of One (English Ver)

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Dear beautiful souls,

Welcome to the Sacred Temple of One. I am Xiaoke/Marcia.

The name of 'Sacred Temple of One' represents oneness within the universe, all human beings, all existence in the universe, essentially come from the Source of All Creations. Some people call this divine source God, some call it Adam and Eve. In Chinese culture, an old myth mentioned 'Pangu' was the one who opened the sky and earth where all other creations began. No matter what name you choose to identify it, all stories convey one idea, that is, we all come from the same source. Although we have our unique spark of light, each individual puzzle comes together to complete a full picture that's our universe, or even multi-verse and multi-galaxies.

Based on the oneness concept, Sacred Temple of One represents the sacred healing space and love that I hold for each of my clients. Healing is not a complicated concept, it is inner alchemy that transforms you based on your intention, initiation, acceptance, willingness to embrace the energy that comes in to heal yourself. During our session together, I always make sure to answer any questions you have about hypnosis. Then we go through the interview process, I listen to your life stories with compassion, love, but no judgement. There are no good or bad experiences, they only happened for us to learn a lesson, this is where inner alchemy begins. Slowly we move to practices and hypnosis journey, I use my soft voice and energy field to create a healing space for you, guide you through the journey. It is a very relaxing and safe process. Back to my welcome message, it's a pleasure to have you here. Let me introduce myself and how I get here.

My Chinese name is Xiaoke Zeng. Marcia is my English name. I was born in the early 1990s in China. Growing up, I followed a common societal path, that is, going to college, obtained my bachelor's degree in preventative medicine. I went further to get my master's degree in community and population health sciences and then to a Ph.D. journey in occupational and environmental health. Just like what we have been taught in school, by our parents or the society, I thought this is my life path, you know, these degrees would help me land a great job then settle down. However, somehow I found out that this is not where I am going, there are so many voices pulling me away from it since 2015.

I went abroad to study in Canada in 2014. My first stop was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Since then I have been given pieces of information about past lives, yoga, energy, frequency, etc. I started to have confusion about my future ahead. I constantly question where I am going next, what my future looks like, what my true life purpose is. At that time, I can only picture my future based on people who I really respect and admire. One person that has been encouraging me since the beginning was my master's supervisor, Catherine. I thought to be a loving and kind supervisor like her so that I can make a difference as an educator at university. So I continued my academic training as a Ph.D. student in the fall of 2017 at the University of Toronto.

What did the Ph.D. teach me? Besides knowledge and skills in science, I have faced more challenges, confusions, and breakdowns, that have taught me to look for my own answers, my own peace, and compassionate understanding of others, through meditations and healing work. In the end, I found that I am here to assist with the awakening and healings of my fellow human being, to be of service, to bring changes to earth. Let me share with you more about my spiritual awakening journey.

My spiritual awakening started in 2017. I received a lot of inspirational ideas that year. For example, I changed to a vegan diet. I received an idea to write a book, but I didn’t know what to write. There is always an inner voice speaking to me, "turn on the computer and start writing the book". This voice was getting stronger and stronger to a point that I can't ignore it, so I got on the computer to write, then deleted all I wrote. A few days later, I wrote a few more pages then deleted them, again and again. To me, writing a book is a serious commitment. What made me so confused was that I didn't think I had any knowledge or special skills or life experiences to share. I was still a novice in life. I too often broke down, cried, felt wronged, and hid in my little space so that no one sees me. I had tried to get drunk to not think about my mess, but in the end, I found that the problem never disappeared because of my ignorance. I had to face it.

Here is what I shared in the preface of <Wake Up God's Children>:

'Time has come to the year of 2018, and the idea of ​​writing a book has returned. This time it is more intense, I don't want to put it off anymore, perhaps this is one of the missions I have on earth. But the problem came quickly. I wanted to share stories to teach people how to deal with the pain, but I didn't even know how to heal them. I didn't want to think of myself as miserable, but trauma often came back to haunt me. I began writing down my stories, then I would cry and stop, this circle came back again. Are my stories really worth sharing?

After living alone in Canada for around 4-5 years, my perspective has greatly changed over time. I kept looking back and writing about traumas I experienced and was surprised at how I can gradually view them from a place of more understanding and calmness. My first version was written from the victim's point of view, then the second draft, putting more understanding into it but still feeling miserable, to the third draft, the fourth draft, etc. I can't even remember how many drafts later, I was able to fill my heart with understanding and forgiveness. I could finally remove the emotional coat from the trauma to understand the bigger picture, the lesson for me to learn behind it. It was at that time that I understood that writing heals me, it brought forth the information that expanded my consciousness. I was already channeling information at that time.

Two years later, I experienced even more brutal emotional outbursts, amplified loneliness, and helplessness. I had no option but to try meditation, never before did I meditate so diligently, because meditation was the only way to calm my emotions. It made me feel peaceful and warm so that I can return to my normal life and work. After meditating for a while, knowledge, information, and answers began to pour into my mind. I even received downloads of information from higher dimensions in my dreams and felt so much clarity after waking up the next morning. At its unique speed, the universe is sending me the information and tools I need to wake up at the right time as I slowly walk the path of healing.

The seeds of awakening slowly sprouted in my heart. I finally accepted that the idea of ​​writing a book did not come from nowhere, and I should start taking action. In 2020, COVID hit the whole world. COVID also pushed me to put all my inspiration into creations. My Ph.D. thesis work was moving even slower than before after we moved to work from home, which motivated me to write books in my spare time. With more and more information coming forward from channeling through writing and meditation, I got to use these tools to heal myself and find my core value in life. And, what I believe even more firmly is that every one of you also has access to this vast amount of knowledge as I do, and each one of you will eventually wake up at your divine timing to find out who you are. I am sure this book will be of help to many people. It can help anyone on the planet who has experienced traumatic events but doesn't know how to heal and release. It can also help those who are confused about who they are on earth at this time, who they truly are, and what they are here to do.

All the traumas we experienced on earth are opportunities for human beings to understand and find themselves. Humans can, of course, choose to be trapped in the trauma, and they can also choose to heal to escape the trauma and release the blocked energy. Healing is not a complicated technique, but a method that everyone can learn to apply in their lives. In healing, it is you who gives yourself the healing. There is no God in this world who can save you because you are God, you are the creator, the children of God. Your power is far beyond your imagination, you have all these tools I share in this book to explore and try, knowing that you can completely heal and save yourself through these practices. Each of us deserves to find our own path of the least resistance or highest spiritual path, to discover the best version of ourselves and create the best version of life with the power in our hearts.

I would like to share with you through this book that spirituality and healing are not unfathomable and incomprehensible concepts, but that spark of light that everyone has in their hearts. I encourage everyone to try meditation and use the tools in the book to explore themselves as multidimensional individuals. I also want to use this book to share my story of studying abroad and let those who have similar experiences know that you are not alone, please have faith, only when the light shines on you will there be shadows. When you see your own shadow, the light is not far away."

When I was in my fourth year of my Ph.D., I faced, once again, the choice of life again. Where do I go next? Where is my destiny? I had to make a choice. At that time I wasn't sure if I would pursue healing as a full-time job or just something I do in my spare time.

Just about a year before graduation, my doctoral supervisor advised me to start looking for post-doctoral opportunities, because it would not be wise to push graduation without a next academic destination. I really put a lot of effort into thinking about what I can do as a scientific researcher to help more people. One direction of my Ph.D. work examined the relationship between occupational aluminum powder exposure and neurodegenerative diseases. Neurodegenerative diseases refer to diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for which no cure has been found in clinical and scientific research. I came up with an interesting topic to study, that is, the relationship between yoga and neurodegenerative diseases, because yoga is a very healing practice, and meditation is part of the yoga philosophy. If I can prove my hypothesis: 'Meditation or yoga alleviates anxiety, slowing down brain waves and preventing neurodegenerative diseases', that would help increase people's awareness in this area and may actually benefit many on earth.

Life is like this, what you want to do and what you end up doing are often different, as if the universe has its own arrangements. I always hear professors share their life stories: "I don't know actually how I became a professor. There was an opportunity, and I just went through the interview and got the position..." Another professional in occupational health and safety shared an interesting story about how she got into this area. She said that one rainy night as she was walking on campus. With dim street lights, she saw a piece of paper lying on the ground, picked it up just with the mentality of not wanting this piece of paper to pollute the environment. It was an advertisement for a master's degree in the Department of Occupational Health, she thought, 'wow, this sounds interesting', so she signed herself up and has now been enjoying what she does for over ten years. You might be amazed how the universe actually works to guide us on our path. The universe always puts these opportunities in front of us to "pull us back to the right track", and sometimes as we follow along the pebbles laid out for us, we could finally figure out why.

When I was once again wavering about where to go next, I was lucky to chat with a spiritual guide named Tabaash, whose voice was channeled by Blair Styra ( Tabaash doesn't need to know who I am, as he exists in a higher dimension where he already knows about my past lives and possible future. He reads my energy field. During our meeting, I didn't even say a word at the beginning, the first thing Tabaash said was 'I see a great writer and healer sitting in front of me'. I have always known about this, but when I experienced it in this consersational way and when I really heard him say it, my jaw still dropped to the ground. I began to listen to what Tabaash had to share with me. He is like a life mentor who can give you advice that works for your highest good with your energy at that time.

Tabaash told me that he loves my energy and respects souls like me because, in this incarnation, I have decided to come to earth to be myself, to create my own life with my power and guide others to find their path, the light in their heart. Tabaash suggested that I study yoga teacher training. I also felt the call and have been enjoying yoga very much. The next day, I found a studio near my place and signed up for the training. After a few months, I fell in love with yoga and the ladies I met in my class, I felt they are my soul tribe. Yoga helps me heal and understand myself to another level. I get a lot of downloads from my higher self in the process of practicing yoga. It was like another channeling process for me. Now yoga has become my daily spiritual practice, a daily ritual.

Tabaash also saw that the book I wrote would help turn the lights on for people. I felt the conversation with Tabaash completely lit me up as if I am seen as who I truly am for the first time. Lots of tears and happiness. It turned out that I've been hiding in my spiritual box for too long, sometimes hiding within my Ph.D. box, thinking that I'd be safe by shutting myself down, by not telling anyone what my book is about, by not talking about spiritual and healing topics. I was afraid to show myself to others. But, it was time for me to jump out of my little box and let the world see my true color, bringing light and healing to the world, that's why I was guided to meet with Tabaash.

The universe has also been actively telling me that continuing to the postdoctoral path is not my highest spiritual path. It doesn't align with who I am and why I came back to earth again. All my postdoc applications were turned down. The day when the last rejection letter arrived in my mailbox, I fully accepted that there are other missions waiting for me.


Since 2018, I have been very interested in hypnosis, binge-watched Alba Weinman's YouTube channel ( From my inner knowing, I sensed that the knowledge shared by her hypnotized clients is the truth that people seek, truth in the universe. I have used this knowledge to connect dots in my life, which greatly helped me during difficult times. However, I never thought of myself being a hypnotherapist.

Three years later, I felt called and did a few healing sessions with Keleena Malnar ( She is a full-body conduit who channels source energy. It was about our 5th meeting together, I came to this realization of not pursuing an academic career because I am not happy doing it, but what is the next step? Keleena heard a loud and clear voice saying that I could study IQH (Illuminated Quantum Healing Hypnosis), and she also saw in her third eye images of me doing hypnosis with clients. Wow, this time, the dots have really connected!

Soon I submitted an application for the IQH online course. Soon after being admitted, I had an IQH session with Ron Amit, one of the founders of the New Earthing Ascending Ministry. The purpose of this session was to find out whether IQH is my highest spiritual path. I was also very curious at that time. I had a lot of interest but not much confidence. With the facilitation of Ron, my higher self came forward in the second half. Here is what she said to me (with grammar issue corrected from the original version to read better):

"...she doesn't know how bright her light is. She hasn't seen how powerful she is yet. Her light is so powerful that others can be elevated just by being in her presence. She helps clean the energy wherever she goes. She takes light wherever she goes. She will continue to travel, and as she travels, her skills will be illuminated one by one, because she has walked on the earth before, she has been a healer, a priestess, this energy signature will come back slowly. In this life, she chose to be incarnated in China because she chose to help the awareness of the Chinese community. She will play a very important role and, together with other lightworkers, bring more light and love to this community.

We wish to tell her (at this point I feel like it was my soul family is talking) that we don't expect anything from her, we want to reiterate that we don't expect anything from her. She doesn't have to prove herself to anyone, she just needs to make herself happy. Since she has always been very connected with us, it is not difficult for her to do any type of work, when she encounters difficulties, she always gets inspired, and the transmission of information from us will help her to achieve everything smoothly, But not every job makes her feel truly happy. We would like her to do what makes her feel that happiness and joy from the bottom of her heart because that's her mission, her happiness and light is like a ball of light, light up the light of others, to help the ascension of the earth and the human beings on it together... ..."

On that day, my higher self also said that I would enjoy IQH. I will help more people and write more books because writing books also makes me happy. Since then, I began to intuitively choose to do things that make me happy. During IQH sessions with clients, I do feel this happiness and enjoyment deep inside of me. I can sit down for hours without feeling tired. I love listening to clients share their life and hypnosis journey with me.

In just about six months, completion of my doctoral program has moved from the top of my life to-do-list to the bottom. I really started to be myself more, slowly jumping out of the cocoon that surrounded me, letting go of the limiting beliefs in my mind, allowing myself to do things that make me happy, and truly embodying myself as who I am. My psychic ability has also become stronger. My mission on earth appears itself more clearly. I no longer care about what others think of me, as I open myself up more to the world. I no longer hide in timidity.

I would love each one of you to also be empowered to find that passion in your life, that thing that makes you the happiest you. I firmly believe that Illuminated Quantum Healing Hypnosis has the power to guide you to your truest voice, back home to your soul, back to that purest stream of consciousness that's always within you, to heal, to help you see a more powerful you. I have experienced it myself, many of my clients have experienced how powerful IQH is. If you feel called to do it, don't hesitate, it is worth it. :)

I welcome you again to the Sacred Temple of One! My name is Xiaoke/Marcia, and I look forward to meeting you 💚💜💙💗 .

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